Art, Friends and Community

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Today we are feeling grateful for the opportunities that we have to engage with our art through our heart and in our community surrounded by generous and beautiful friends. We are as strong as the community that surrounds us and today we feel vigorous! Advertisements

A Relic Revived

A Relic Revived

The machine in the right side of this photo is called a drum carder. The drum carder’s role comes in after wool is picked, washed and dried. The drum carder is to wool, as a comb is to a bad hair day. Simply put it tames the wool so that each fiber is combed neatly, and also allows different fibers to be mixed together into one batt (bundle of fiber). This particular drum carder is a modern replica of a pre industrial device. It’s design, favoring simplicity and sturdiness, is a relic of a more simple time. A time when most jobs were done by hand, and machines ran on cranks and not motors. It has a simple elegance to it, one that is complimented by the myriad or colored wools that cycle through its combs. I personally would like to see more machines from this era replicated for modern use.


Our Precious Present (Now)

IMG_0644We are awakening to the passions and necessity of autonomy this summer. Making moves away from our gender locked capitalist system and towards an equally balanced ways and means on the home-front. It has been difficult whilst still emerged in the patriarchal model of a 40 hour work week where he is on the job site and she is at home with domestic responsibilities while both dream and strive for a life more balanced and full of art as well as mutual responsibility across the board of existence. The current model doesn’t work as well for us as it may for others. We desire to turn soil side by side and erect greenhouses together; to retreat to the house at dusk and create art in sync or cook dinner together and read to the kids while one of us knits or draws and the other one recites tomes; to head to bed at night in equal states of exhaustion. To exhale the same dusts and fibers that we breathed life into that day and fall asleep knowing exactly how the other one feels. To awaken to the same sunrise at the same hour and nurture similar inspiration from our waking breathes.
This is where we are headed. This is critical. Spirits moan longingly for expression and passion to manifest in art and greet the world. Our muscles desire the wear that results from working our own ground. To build our future instead of that of another while we expend the precious present.
We are honed in on another horizon line. Making plans to market our hearts and creations to the world in exponential ways, to make that our ways and means. And it feels good and right and destined. The bunnies in the barn an the eggplant in the garden are very insistent that we make this so.
Following intuition and passion is often, if not always, a frightening act. Something about this trajectory though, seems comforting instead of frightening. It’s as though it’s not a change or an evolution but more like a revival. We are getting back on the horse that we rode in another life and riding it with confident but slightly shaky legs. Cantering toward our new horizon.

Serving The Soul By Recovering Creative Homesteading

The standard definition of creativity is to bring something new into existence. Of course, what is deemed new is relative to the creator, the creator’s peers and the domain of the particular creation. Novelty, then becomes the ruling factor in how ‘creative’ an act or a construction is judged. Even if the act or construction is quite traditional,  it will be heralded as profoundly creative if reintroduced at a time when the conventions of one’s domain no longer serve the souls who claim it. Hence to be a forerunner of reinventing the past by homesteading in the present day is a most creative act!

In the last two years, Justin and I have attended to the voice of creativity that urges us to live closer to the source of our sustenance in both our physical and our spiritual bodies. We have unschooled ourselves from the conditioning that would have us ignore our deep need for wholesome food that is the fruit of hard labor, inspired family that is the accolade of heartfelt relationships, and nourished pride in the results that come from fully indulging in our creativity.  We have recently removed half our lawn and transformed it into an expanded vegetable garden, become shepherds of small animals from which we can procure wool, eggs, meat and fertilizer. We are homeschooling two of our boys using the urban homestead environment as the animus for their education. Most importantly, we are keeping the door of our own inventive nature open and gratifying our souls with a home based art business.

In this blog we hope to foster a reverence for the creative profundity of common experiences. We seek to share the morsels of wisdom we derive from dancing with the animals, with a pen, with a child, with wool and we hope to teach you how to do the same.